It’s super easy to fall off the weight-loss wagon while you’re away from home. It all starts simply: you’re rushing to the airport or stuck in the car for hours on end, the next thing you know you’re backed up on the hunger front and you’ll eat anything. So it begins. It’s easy to unravel after that..

Here are just a few tips I’ve collected over the years to help keep you on track when you’re out of town:

First of all, control your intake because even if you’re limited on getting in the activity it can be helpful.

Using the Goog. Where are you going? Google the location and find some grocery stores in the area. You can find your staples like fruit and prewashed, cut-up veggies. If you’re staying at a hotel with a minifridge, you’re in luck. That means you can stow a few yogurts or whatever in there too. If you’re staying with family this can be a little more tricky, but just communicate with your people and ask them if you can make a grocery run and thank them for their support.

Also check in to see which restaurants are in the area and take a peek at the menu to form a plan of attack.

Of course you can pack some healthy snacks like pre-portioned trail mix, Kind bars and bananas. That’s how we roll.

Flying to your destination? Skip the soda and ask for water when your flight attendant comes through with the beverage cart. Treating yourself to a tomato juice or seltzer is a great choice too, just watch the sodium. Also, skip the peanuts or pretzels and enjoy your Kind bar instead.

Also remember that staying active while you’re away will greatly increase your chances of success. If you’re not a jogger (I’m meh about yogging) or staying at a hotel with a gym or a fitness center, fear not! You can bring a deck of cards with you and do a “hit the deck” routine like my post from yesterday. 20-25 minutes will get your heart rate up and a good full body work out with little to no equipment other than a deck of playing cards. Bringing your laptop? Pack some work out DVDs or even check out exercises on YouTube. Another option is to pack exercise bands to make resistance training a little more robust.

Maybe you need the gym. Hell, I needed the library at school to get me into work mode too. Have a gym membership? If it’s a chain and they might have a location near your destination that you can visit. Otherwise, check in to see if you can get a day pass at a gym near your travel spot. Could be as little as $10 for access to the facilities that can get you back to into the head space you need to put in some physical work.

Going on vacation or away on a business trip doesn’t mean you have to surrender your weight loss or fitness standards. Just think about all the options you have available – it’s more than you think!

Take care of yourself while you’re out of town, because vacations end but calories are the gift that keeps on giving and if you stay focused on your goals you’ll feel waaay better when you come back to reality!



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