adios, amigo*


small, red, and burly

he showed me i have power

to save my own life


I recently donated my little red MTB to the Trenton Bike Exchange at a bike drive at the gym. Folks donate their old bikes, TBX refurbs and sells them, and proceeds go to the the Boys & Girls Club of Trenton. A worthwhile cause in a downtrodden city.

Dexter, my little red MTB, was the first bike I bought myself back in 2008. I was inspired, and got this undersized dude from Target. Although I looked like a circus bear riding a tricycle, I loved it. I remember that instant feeling of sweet freedom as I cruised around the parking lot. It was a miracle. It was just what I needed.

In 2009 I upgraded to Dingo, my trusty hybrid steed. Dingo is much more of an appropriate size for a normal adult and I’ve put over a 1,000 miles on it since then. I remember feeling pangs of guilt when I brought Dingo home and Dexter was relegated back to the far corner of the shed.

When Ms. Elle*Eye purchased her bike (Daphne – her alliteration in nomenclature was totally by chance) it camped out on the sun porch due to a lack of room in the shed, where the bikes are supposed to live.

I knew that Dexter would have to go soon. And while it’s sad to say good-bye to something that renewed my life in such a meaningful way, I am satiated by the fact that some 12-year-old out there is going to get a pretty bomb MTB and that proceeds are going to a good cause.

Thank you, Dexter, for all you have done for me. It is an understatement to say that this bike helped me to enrich my life – nay, it saved my very life itself.


And now, we move forward.

now you two make us a bunch of little bike babies, mmkay?



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