OMG you guys..The first solid food I’ve had since Friday night was papaya a few hours ago. Now I’m crunching on an apple. Wow. I can’t believe how much I missed chewing!

So, this past weekend was a huge event in my life. First, I want to acknowledge my lovely partnerface for not only having the kitchen nice and clean and the juicer out and ready to go, but she had a candle lit nearby and I kept finding little post-it notes of encouragement throughout the house. I think that I could have accomplished this alone, but I don’t think I could have done it as comfortably without her love and support.

I got home on Friday and steamed some squash and cauliflower for my dinner and laid out all the produce on the table. It was an important step to visually take in all the food that would be nourishing me over the next few days, even if it would be in juice form.

I have never drank so much juice IN MY LIFE! The good news is that most of it was absolutely delicious.

I will say that I used a book as a guide, 3 Days to Vitality, and I did not consume nearly as much juice as she laid out recipes for. It just wasn’t physically possible! So, I definitely spent a little more (probably like $30-40 worth) than I really needed to, but that’s okay because I have stuff for the next week or so. Also, I didn’t do all of the exercises she laid out in her book, not that I don’t think they’re all good uses of time and very helpful to people in general, but honestly I’ve spent a great deal of effort over the past year detoxing myself mentally and emotionally, so I appreciate what she was getting at, I just did some scaled down versions of that.

Speaking of ‘scaled down’ I did drop about 3.8 lbs since Thursday, but I was on the way there with the work I had done at the gym and in preparation of the prefast. So, I’m happy with losing some weight, but as I’ve expressed before, that’s not why I was doing this.

I was doing it to detoxify my body, and honestly, I can feel that it’s worked. Some of the minor medical and digestive issues I’ve been facing over the past few months have dissipated and so far I feel pretty great! A few of the things she laid out in her routine I will definitely be incorporating into my regular self-care routine.

I’m back at work today – yesterday I worked from home, which was good because just as I hadn’t had solid food since Friday, I had also been living in pajama pants and hoodies.

So, here I am, first day of the break-fast. I’m still going easy. No burgers and beer tonight – I don’t think my system could take it! Overall I’m very happy with myself and the work I’ve done over the past few days. I can see myself doing it again in a few months. But I am looking forward to getting back to the gym and sweating a bit! :)


So, how the hell are ya?

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