Well friends, today was the St. Patrick’s Day office party. Plenty of food, but not as bad as the StuporBowl party. And our manager actually got a huge tray of salad for us – which I thought was awesome.
Here are some highlights:
One of my co-workers made this and it was actually pretty good for those brave enough to hack into it. Lime jello + pineapple + marshmallow. Definitely not vegan, but neither am I.
My McPlate!
Above is what I assembled for my early lunch:
Salad? Check.
Pepperjack cheese on Triscuits? Check.
Spinach dip in scoop? Check.
Bacon-wrapped crackdogs? Check. 

Cliff's McDessertPlate

My coworker (who looks ridiculously like Jay-Z) helped himself to two McShamrockCakes. I managed to avoid them. I did have some dessert, a little bit of the Jello and something else that another coworker makes for every holiday party – amaretto puddin’! I know, if she makes it for every holiday, why was it important for me to try? Uh, because this time it was green. Like, hello?!

If only someone brought it some whiskey-soaked leprichan balls – then life would’ve been complete.

Anywhoo – spun Tuesday morning, elliptical last night, indoor yogging tonight. This was planned long before I ate the rainbow chips-ahoy cookie (not pictured).


I don’t know if I’m going to make it get some corned beef at the diner tonight. It all depends on how I feel after the yog.
I will definitely find room for a Guinness though. If you’re counting, one pint will set ye back around 210 calories. If you’re not counting, well, have an extra one for me.

May you live as long as you want, And never want as long as you live.

Happy Shamrock day, y’all!
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