We often think we need an ample supply of three distinct resources to go on our first bike overnight:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Energy

Lack – or perception of lack – can be a barrier to entry. Lack – or perception of lack – can stop you before you have even had a chance to start.

The bottom line, though, is that with enough of just one of these resources, you can often overcome shortages of the other two.

Which one, do you think?

Spoiler alert:



That’s the secret sauce.

With enough physical or mental energy – call it passion, drive, determination, hustle – you can manifest the outcome you want even if you have shortages of the other two.

On Time:

Philosophically, the concept of time is an interesting construct – does it even exist?? – but let’s try to keep this conversation in the realm of reality.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, or in a week, and how we choose to spend it is up to us. Some of us – totally guilty here – spend too much of our precious time on social media. (This is such a challenge of mine that I actually installed an app to cut off my access to social media during specified time periods.) We can waste hours in front of a screen and then complain or berate ourselves for not having the time to go to the gym, cook a healthy meal, or go for a bike ride. You can find time if you are brave enough to go looking for it.

Huge chunks of time can seem even more challenging to carve out, and that’s what you need for your first overnight. But maybe, just maybe, if you looked objectively at your calendar, you might find that some of the tasks or events that are on it aren’t even yours. Maybe you say yes to things you really aren’t that into because:

  • you think it’s polite
  • you don’t have anything better to do
  • out of habit
  • because you don’t know how to say “no thanks, but I appreciate the invitation” without feeling bad

You’ll find that as you liberate your calendar, you will free up more energy as if by magic.

With energy, you can muster the ability to say no to things that aren’t yours or move around your schedule, ask your trusted person to watch the kid overnight, or make arrangements to trade for puppy-sitting and make the time.

Heck, we might even find time to get to the gym.. if you’re into that kinda thing. And like some perverse cardinal law, we’re usually too tired to go for a workout, a walk or a ride – but we usually have more energy when we’re done.

On Money:

One question I often hear about bike overnights is, is it expensive? How much does it cost? Well – how much does a car cost? You can get a used Geo Metro or a brand new Lincoln Navigator. When car shopping, there are infinite combinations and options available, and almost anything can be found to suit your budget.

Bikes and gear can be expensive, yes, but they don’t have to be – and they sure shouldn’t be if it’s going to be a barrier to entry or if you’re not sure this is something you ever want to do again.

With energy, you can use a bike you have, borrow one from a friend, rent one, or find a loaded touring bike on Spinlister to use for the weekend at a fraction of what it might cost you to make the ownership investment.

With energy, you can make your own panniers from back packs or empty kitty litter bins. With energy, you can find used or discounted equipment that will work just fine for a simple bike overnight without breaking the bank.

As you discover that you’re into this – you will make decisions on where you’d like to trade money for weight, as hi-tech gear is often lighter and thus less takes less energy to haul, but costs more monies.

With energy you can find a place that you can ride a borrowed bike to with your homemade gear to in an hour or two and with energy you can find a place to stay the night on the cheap.

Of course, if you have an ample supply of this resource, you can rent a cabin or sleep in a hotel and conserve the energy of transporting your sleeping gear. It’s all about determining what is most valuable to you, and if that’s the kind of experience you want to have. It’s okay if your answer is yes here. All of us have different motivations and trades we’re willing to make for our three resources.

On Energy:

This is the jackpot, my friends.

Finding your W.H.Y. is a crucial part of mustering the energy to overcome the natural forces of resistance and negativity that are pervasive in the world and in our hearts.

There are people and things in life that drain our vital force if we are not careful. If you find yourself in such an energy deficit that you cannot must anything for for yourself, you need to do some serious examination. Be real with yourself about what those things are, and ruthlessly prune back. Check out this ZenHabits post on finding energy in some unexpected places. And then check out this one.


A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Take a look at your W.H.Y. statement – or start writing it if you haven’t yet – and let’s get moving.

Is energy your MVP resource? Leave a comment and let me know why, or why not.


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  • That website, SPINSTER? Amazing. I love that you are finding time, energy and the money to get where you want to be –> on that bike!