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Introducing: Bike Buddy

If you’ve ever looked longingly at people riding bikes around town or on tour and thought:

That looks like fun, I’d like to try that, but it’s not for me, it’s only for other people. I’m not XYZ-enough.

I want NEED you to know that’s probably not true.

Over the years, it’s astonished me how many of my friends reveal that they think riding a bike special or hard.

Let me tell you, IT’S NOT – or at least, it doesn’t need to be.

I’m the first person to tell you that you don’t need my help, you can totally do it yourself – but I understand why someone might want a little help getting started. 

And if a little help is what it takes, then I’m here for you.

This Bike Buddy program is born out of years of real women asking real questions to help them build the confidence to try on riding bikes.

I’m not keen on the word “coach” here – think of me as your friendly, enthusiastic pal who has been there and can help bridge the gap because you deserve to experience the transformative power of the bike. (More on that below.)

If you’ve wanted to but something is holding you back, then we need to talk.

I can help:

  • identify your motivation and help set goals
  • demystify bike terms & vocabulary
  • narrow down the right bike for you and arrange test rides
  • know what questions to ask you local bike shop
  • be prepared for what questions they will ask you
  • route planning
  • recommendations on tools, apps and resources
  • ride together*
  • show you how to ride in traffic and in groups*

Look, if you have even the slightest curiosity or desire, you owe it to yourself to try on – with me or not.


Sure, you know bikes are good for your health, confidence, personal economy, community, but did you know riding bikes can be a sacred, distraction-free time, a moving meditation to steady yourself in the din of everyday life.

Riding a bike is one of the few times you can be both fully present in your body and either let your mind go clear, relieve stress, use the time to work through stuff, or simply enjoy the ride.

I highly recommend that last one.

Benefits of working with me:

  • Personal attention
  • Desire for your success
  • Friendly, positive attitude
  • Innovative thinking / problem solving
  • Been there: I understand feeling intimidated and want to help bridge the gap for you
  • Sometimes I’m funny

We will meet via Skype or Google Hangout, or by telephone. Discussions will include your motivation, goals, necessary gear, route planning and more, as needed.

Whether you’re in Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon there’s a Bike Buddy package that’s right for you:

Training Wheels

  • 90-minute one-on-one session via telephone or Skype includes:
  • This is the PreRequisite
  • Motivation: Identifying your Why
  • Assessment: Start where you are 
  • Set incremental goals
  • Map a Strategy for meaningful progress


  • Prerequisite: 90-minute Training Wheels session
  • +Private Facebook Group
  • +Bi-weekly group call
  • +Unlimited Email Support


  • Prerequisite: 90-minute Training Wheels session
  • +Private Facebook Group
  • +Bi-weekly group call
  • +Two (2) 60-minute Private Sessions
  • +Unlimited Email Support
  • +Snapchat Access


  • Live, face-to-face sessions available in the PDX Metro Area!
  • Prerequisite: 90-minute Training Wheels session
  • +Private Facebook Group
  • +Bi-weekly group call
  • +Two (2) 120-minute in-person Private Sessions
  • +Unlimited Email Support
  • +Snapchat Access

  • +Route Planning and Guidance
  • +Personal Shopping Companion


GEB cattio pdx hat

New to Portland or visiting for a few days?


Let me show you around. :)

Whether it’s the 40-mile loop, a tour of the best donuts in Portland, coffeneuring, or a gravelly trail ride through a real PNW rainforest right in our city, I’ll design a bike tour of Biketown that’s right for you!

Contact me here so we can chat!

*I believe in the transformative power of the bike to change your life and change the world so much that I’m going to donate 10% of all GirlEatsBike revenue to the World Bicycle Relief fund, an organization that is supplying bikes, parts, and training mechanics in 3rd world countries. In 2015, they mobilized 60,000 students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs. Donate directly to their cause here.

Fun fact: I’m also a wordsmith & social media coach!