Joyride029: Let’s chat with Jocelyn Rice about cycle touring 28k miles around world with her dad!

Meet Jocelyn! Howdy Joyriders! This is a special show - just in time for Father's Day! One half of the father-daughter duo of, Jocelyn Rice is [...]

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Joyride028: Catching up with our favorite vagabond Jasmine Reese II

Sup Jasmine? Howdy Joyriders! Welcome our first returning guest! Friend of the show Jasmine Reese is back! We first met Jasmine back on episode #4 of The Joyride, [...]

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Joyride027: Happy new bike week to my pal Caryn Grunwald

Meet Caryn! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, it is my great pleasure to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine, Caryn Grunewald. Caryn [...]

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Joyride026: Let’s meet CycloFemme creatrix and all around badass Sarai Snyder

Meet Sarai! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with writer, maker, and creatrix Sarai Snyder. Sarai is a general badass and co-Founder of CycloFemme, a [...]

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Joyride025: Meet Ayesha McGowan, the woman aiming to become the first female African American professional road cyclist!

Meet Ayesha! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with the one and only Ayesha McGowan, who you may also know as A Quick [...]

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Joyride024: Coffee outside with Aqua Dublavee!

Meet Aqua! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, I meet up with Aqua Dublavee for a long-awaited coffee outside. On this super conversational episode, we talk about the magnetic pull of [...]

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Joyride023: Meet the Toxic Shocks. Women who ride. Period.

Meet the Toxic Shocks! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with four members of Houston's Toxic Shocks Cycling group! In this laughter-filled show, we chat about the power of [...]

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Joyride022: Meet Arleigh Jenkins, formerly known as BikeShopGirl

Meet Arleigh! Howdy Joyriders! On this episode of The Joyride, I chat with the Arleigh formerly known as BikeShopGirl, Arleigh Jenkins. We talk about raising a strong daughter, her transition away [...]

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