I miss my pops.

It’s weird to feel like I don’t have much to write about eventhough I have a TON going on..

I’ve got some minor medical stuff which is just annoying enough to be annoying. Vast improvement with the shoulder – finished physical therapy for that last week. Now I’ve got to keep doing the exercises and stretches to strengthen it get it back to 100%.

I have a lot of offline things happening – stuff I can’t tell you about because it’s super top secret – but hopefully you’ll know about it before the year is out. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the weight department, I’m fluctuating. I’ve learned, finally, that beer and I do not get along – no matter how delicious pumpkin ale tastes.. My body loves loves loves simple carbs and will try to hold on to them for a LONG time :) It’s okay. Everything is fine. It’s just life.

I didn’t exactly fulfill my committment of 30 days of gratitude and 30 days of tracking intake. I’ll have to try this again in a month or so.

Oh – and Elle*Eye and I are going to Portland in two weeks – so excited!! Bike city here we come!

Finally – and most important – is the topic of Pancreatic cancer.

Yes, the same disease that claimed the notable lives of Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze.. My dad passed away in summer of 2010 after fighting this dreadful disease for 3 years. 

Over 100 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each day.

The leading advocacy organization is the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (pancan.org) – their goal is to double the survival rates for those fighting Pancreatic cancer over the next decade.

As the national leader in the fight against pancreatic cancer, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is well-positioned to achieve our bold new goal to double the pancreatic cancer survival rate by 2020.

Survival rates have remained in the single digits for 40 years. Look at pancreatic cancer survival rates and you’ll see something deadly wrong. Today, the five year survival rate is just 6%.

We have a vision to change that—to double the survival rate by the year 2020. By accelerating the application of our proven comprehensive approach to fighting the disease—combining research, support for individuals and families living with the disease, raising awareness and building and sustaining federal support, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network will turn this vision of progress into reality. Everyone must know, fight and end pancreatic cancer!


 Last year we had a team to walk the 5k at Pancan’s PurpleStride Philly. This year, I’m running in honor of my pops! It’s a timed run, but I’m not going to let that intimidate me. I think my dad would be really proud of all the work I’ve done for myself and my health.

This year’s event is November 5th and I’m doing some fund raising for Team WC2F – so please, I emplore you to visit our team page and make a contribution.

Dearest friends and Facebook peeps – I apologize in advance for the inevitable spam. :)

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