You may or may not know that I am a crazy person.

I spend roughly one-third of my work day dreaming about long bike rides. I’ve never really thought of myself as the kind of person who could do a Trans-Am tour, but I would sure like to give it a shot some time. I believe this would dovetail nicely with a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives food tour, but I digress.

One of the first things that motivated me to become active again years ago was something I saw on the Travel Channel – a tour of Tuscany by bike. This was a fancy-pants tour, complete with a van that brings your gear from inn-to-inn and will come and pick you up if you don’t feel like riding to your next stop. I thought that looked so cool and I wanted to be healthy enough to participate in an active vacation like that.

I think about what kind of gear I would need to live the minimalist, self-contained ride. Which tent would suit my needs best? Should I get a single-burner propane stove? What about sporks?! I love sporks! I dig camping and cycling, so this stuff is exciting to me.

There are also some lovely regional rides I enjoy thinking about – east coast, west coast, Philly-to-DC, the Florida Keys, the Pacific Coast Highway, New Orleans to Chicago.. I could go on and on. There are a multitude of guided tours available through myriad outlets, but they all cost money and take time. I would love to say that I have plenty of both resources, but alas.. that would be false.

But I want/need to cut my teeth somewhere. So I’m thinking about the following weekend-long rides this spring and summer:

    • To Jackson! 26 miles each-way, with an overnight camping. I grew up in Jackson and I remember this one time as a kid that one of my dad’s friends rode his bike from where ever he lived in Mercer county out to our home. I thought that was the coolest thing ever – even then a bike nerd was waiting to be hatched – and I would love to “duplicate” that ride.


    • To Gloucester City! 43 miles each-way, with an overnight at my cousin’s home. We haven’t talked about this yet, just an idea.


    • To Point Pleasant! 50 miles each-way with an overnight camping.


    • From Cape May! 108 miles one-way. This one is just a little seedling of an idea. I was thinking it’d be nice to drive down with Ms. L, stay overnight and then I ride back the next day. I’ve never done a century, but I sure am interested in giving it a shot.


These are just a few ideas that I’m toying with. There are some other organized charity rides that I’m thinking about. I think my next step is to start committing and scheduling some of these daydream adventures.

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  • Have you ever visited Loads of info about planning for a tour, no matter how long or short or where it might be. Tons of online journals that cyclists have written about their travels. I used it to prep for my teeny, tiny tour last summer (Diary of a Virgin Traveler). Free site, though you can donate if you appreciate the massive amounts of information available.

  • BTW: found your blog because you just started following my tweets–vbgal006.

    • Hey Donna! Thanks so much for the info – I’ll definitely check that out. I love living vicariously through the tours of others while I get myself rolling. Pun completely intended.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)