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Ha. I said doody.

Yesterday was a good day. Totally inspired to turn my random 6am wake up into a trip to the gym (30 minutes on the elliptical), and then doubled-down on that with a quick but vicious lunchtime routine which included abs (on the bench), squat presses, push ups, bicycle crunches, tricep presses and assisted pull-ups. Assisted by my legs, that is.

Biggest Loser last night featured the kids being measured for physical fitness – timed situps, mile, etc. The kids are not being weighed or anything. Turns out that’s actually not very good for the child’s psychology to focus on weight and scales if you have an “overweight” kid, but by measuring their fitness this way the kids can be evaluated at the end to see their progress.

This physical fitness test brought back some memories for me. I was so weak, so terrible at things like situps and the arm hang that those annual tests as a kid were the stuff of nightmares. I would resign myself to failure well in advance. This set a stage for me that I am only now beginning to understand. However, the juxtaposition of watching this on last night’s BL and remembering my own pain like it was yesterday versus what I willingly chose for myself yesterday felt fascinating. I was so filled with pride and self-acknowledgment! My chubby 12 year old self would never have believed how strong I would become as an adult, how much I’ve learned to love and honor my body – no matter how lumpy it may still be.

There’s a whole lotta #BL14 left, but I am truly amazed at how much watching these kids has brought up stuff I haven’t thought of or felt in 20+ years, and how healing it has been as a result.



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