I know what you’re thinking:

When is this bee-sting gonna weigh in? What about those “before” pictures? Why are we getting all this snow?

Well, fear not, lovelies! I just did a post spin class weigh-in and I’m down a pound. A pound?! Only a pound, you say?! Why has it taken so long to get that going and it’s only been a pound?! Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you..


Right before I started this, I had a crazy binge-out weekend complete with a whole lot of beer, Hershey’s miniatures and take out food. That following Monday morning I was 7 – yes, SEVEN – pounds up from where I was only a few days earlier. That’s amazing, isnt’ it? I don’t know if it was the sodium or the simple carbs but I blew up faster than the space shuttle Challenger (25 years  ago yesterday, rest in peace..).

Anywhoo – I felt terrible.. physically and emotionally. And I was ashamed. When confronted with party-time temptations I put my committment to change on the back burner and ate like no one was watching – go me!

But I decided after I got off of the scale on that most dreadful of Monday mornings to forgive myself and renew my committment and move the eff on..

So, I’ve been to the gym about ten times in the past two weeks – including what was today my third Saturday morning spin class – and I’m finally back to where I started before binge-party-weekend.

Yesterday I was finally at that neutral point. It’s like when you’re football team is down by two touchdowns in the first quarter of the game but manages to tie it up by half-time. The start of the 2nd half is like a brand new ball game. And here I am.

But here’s something that’s pretty cool and special about the whole thing: I feel AMAZING!

Like I said, I’ve been going to the gym a lot and my body is definitely responding. It’s interesting to be chubby but feel soreness from strength training. It’s like I can feel where my body actually is.. It’s a difficult sensation to describe, but think of how you would feel if you were suddenly wearing a Hollywood fat-suit. You’re aware of all this extra stuff on you, but you feel where you are inside of it. Very interesting and very cool.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do a Friday or Saturday weigh-in next week – but now that I’m where I want to be I’ll definitely be checking in weekly from here on out.

3 down, 75 more to go..

As for your other questions that I’ve discerned using my crystal ball:

Well.. the before picture? I hate it. Not even my body but I just look really unhappy and I don’t want to post it here right now. I’m considering doing a 4 or 6 week check-in and I’ll post it then. At this moment, I don’t want that image to define me – because it does not.

And the snow? Well.. I think global warming is to blame for shifting weather patterns, but I’m no scientist. I’m just a sucker with a snow shovel in central New Jersey.

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