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Long day in the fitness saddle.

Treadmill climb (slow but at a 10-13 incline) during lunch time today. Not pictured above.

Then, like Emeril would say in the bayou, I kicked it up a notch.

Here’s a run down:
Ran 4 laps around the track (.5mi) to warm up.
40 leg raises in the rack
[insert brief pause here to meet with my ILIAP pals]
20 leg raises in the rack
Lat pull downs, 3×10@70
Assisted pull ups, 3×7@115assist
Seated mid row pulls, 3×10@70
Bent row (heavy room) 3×10@+10
Dead lifts, 3×10@30
Seated mid row (new machine), 2×10@70, 1×7@70
40 ab exercises (passing an exercise ball from feet to hands)
Treadmill run, 20min@5.5mph (1.8mi)

And then I carried 4 grocery bags at like 100lbs each. Also not pictured.

Phew. Now it’s night night time.



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