I’m writing this on the bus.

At this moment I am listening to a woman yelling a foreign language into her cell phone, and for the most part, I’m okay with that.

Nothing is perfect – but I’ll take riding to work over the car commute on any beautiful day like today. Driving on US Route 1 makes me want to scream and this commuting routine has way, way less of that.

Anywhoo, I’m struggling with yo-yo’ing a bit in the caloric intake. I’ve managed to work out my lunch and snack routine with work but summer plans is adding different challenges.

I’m getting some non-commute riding in as well. Yesterday Ms. VA and I went on a meandering spin through Griggstown near the canal and that was nice. I had never been out there before, and I’m a fan of checking out new places.

Speaking of: I’m planning my first multi-day tour! Myself and CB are thinking of doing something BIG – for us, anyways. Midway to Cape May? Perhaps. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I sure do love to day dream!

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