What’s up, Geeks?

Two things I’m psyched about:

1) MyFitnessPal finally launched their iPad app! It’s pretty sweet. This way, I have a pie chart (mmm, pie) that tells me over half of my consumed calories came in the form of carbs.

2) Digifit. So, there’s this fitness hardware/application thingie (seriously, don’t ask me about anything technical) that you can link up with an ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor and it tracks your workout into your Apple device.

I only have an iPad (that sounds spoiled and pretentious, but what I mean is that I rock an Android at the moment, not an iPhone) but if you had all these fine Apple products, it would use cloud sync technology to track your workouts on multiple devices.

Now, I’m not interested in selling their product for them, not yet – but I have been doing some research because I’m kind of a tracking nerd in certain ways. I might not be too keen on owning up to the box-o-chocolates I ate on Christmas, but I would really love to see my heart-rate profile for spin class and other cardio workouts at the gym.

So, I think this is an investment I’m going to make in the upcoming month. They have a ton of products (seriously, you could sneeze and spend like $600) but I’m going to start off small and get the key that fits into the Apple device and a compatible HRM (Garmin is looking like the winner here).

There’s a lot of thought that goes into this, so I’ll keep you posted on what I’ve found with my research.

Do you use gadgets to track your workouts or monitor your progress?

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