Desk breakfast returns!

Hello, kittens! Did you miss me? Yes, yes.. I know. I missed you too. It’s okay, momma’s home now..

Whoooo! Anyway! I have returned from the best vacation of my life and I’m gonna be honest with ya: All the hemming and hawing (is that how you spell that?) I did prior to my departure went out the window as soon as I got to Philadelphia Int’l Airport and checked my luggage.

Here are a few highlights:

1) Dutch people love cheese.

"My name is not cheese anymore."

And I ate a lot of it. When in Rome..

this sammich was fabulous.

2) Dutch people love bikes.

Commuter bike parking at Centraal Station.

2 bikes, 1 parking flat

And I biked a lot.
view from the handlebars

We even biked through tulip fields! (Post forthcoming) But I don’t think I biked enough to counteract all the cheese. And bread. And beer.

Dutch people love beer. And I drank a lot. This helps stimulate the appetite.

::glug glug glug::

Dutch people also love chocolate. And waffles. They enjoy chocolate as part of their breakfast. They also have chocolate dipped waffles as a sort of street-food treat. These choco-waffles may be laced with crack, because they are the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life. There are no pictures of this.

I did no tracking, no counting, no exercise – except light bike riding and tourist walking and a steep flight of stairs to our room at the B&B. I didn’t do any of the yogging that I had planned on and packed for. There were times when I paid attention and made slightly better choices, but those were the exceptions and not the rule. I ate much bread and cheese and chocolate and refined sugar in coffee/tea..

I feel large and in charge so I’m going to be nice to myself and not officially weigh-in until Saturday after spin class. I wanted to go to spin yesterday morning but overslept. I’m definitely going to the gym tonight – I’m missing the work. I’m also back to tracking as of yesterday.

It’s very possible that I will have gained back 5lbs of what I shed from this vacation, but I’m gonna tell ya – I enjoyed every minute of it. Sure, I’ll do some things differently next time, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bike/tulip photos to come!

OH! Guess who else is back?!

!!Awwwww SNAP!!
Hope all is well with everyone out there in Interweb land.
  • Very entertaining post…don’t know which part I liked best. The one about the chocolate covered waffles possibly being laced with crack was good though. Good luck when you weigh in…(-:

  • Haha! Thanks Sherry – I’ll keep you posted! I think it’s a good thing I’ve never seen those choco-waffles here in the States.. I’m not sure if I could deal with the temptation. ;0)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    (and stay classy)

  • dennisplatt

    A very funny and interesting post. Thanx

    • No, no.. Thank YOU Dennis! I insist!