I don’t know how you moms do it. How in the world do you manage to make time for your self care, if that’s even possible, when you have a child to take care of? I am genuinely interested in your feedback, because I don’t know how I’m going to manage when it’s time to start expanding our family with newly grown humans.

Is it possible? How do you manage whatever you’re doing, is it working for you?

Please, give me something here – because right now I have a pup, and I feel bad trying to get time on the bike when I feel like I should be walking him.

And this is “just” a pup! A dog! I’m not even talking about new, freshly hatched human babies!

Our dog Ziggy has so much energy! And curiosity – and he needs to get a good deal of mental stimulation and physical exertion. Frankly, I’m having a hard time keeping up.

I trained him to run along side of the bike with a specific leash and harness, and that was a huge win! He was PULLING me like a freakin sled dog. I mean, he was INTO it.

But then he ate the harness.

(Human babies don’t do that, do they? I kid, I kid. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a pup, and the whole world is going to change with motherhood instead of pet parenthood.)

And the leash I like to use for this application is just a wee bit too short for his front clip harness.

I know I can get a new harness, or leash, or manage to patch the situation as it is – but instead, I just opt to walk him.

And we’re only a little over two miles to Forest Park, door-to-trail!

It’s so enjoyable! But it does mean I haven’t been devoting as much time to riding lately. I had wanted a dog for so long, and I totally disregarded how getting one would impact my schedule of actually getting out on the bike. What if I could ride to the trailhead with him? What if we could ride to Mt. Tabor and both of us get great workouts?

Today we tried riding to the St. Johns Bizarre with Zig in a crate on the back of my bike – but it just wasn’t secure enough. Between him leaning right to see around me, and my bag, I think we pushed the crate over.

That attempt failed, and was thoroughly startling and a little disappointing.

I thought, where the tools at?

As far as taking Ziggy places, I’m considering a few different options:

  • Get something more secure for the back rack of my bike. (Honestly, this is my least favorite option,)
  • Get a trailer


  • Get an Xtracycle w/ a side tub thing or a side deck thing!


  • xtracycledog2
  • xtracycledogtub


The real challenge is that I want to get a touring bike this season, so there isn’t a whole lot I want to invest in my current bicycle for this purpose. But I sure would like to reap the rewards of figuring it out sooner than later!

There are two real options for me, therefore, at this point.

First is to get a Muttmover backpack from Timbuk2 and see how it goes. He might be a touch too big for it. Also, I’m worried it will be too hot for him. Black dogger in a black bag on my back in warm weather and/or sunshine? I dunno about that.

I love the Xtracycle idea, but I don’t know if that is going to be worth the investment if I want to get a touring bike. Decisions, decisions!

Another option could be to look into my touring bike and a trailer, simultaneously, but independent of each other.

Try searching for a trailer from Craigslist, then check with bike shops and community bike centers like the one on Alberta. <<Link>>. Since I would like to bring the dog touring in the future – let’s face it, that was one of the perks about him being whatever bulldog mix he is – he’s not going to get any bigger. Zig Zag Marley Stardust is maxed out at 25lbs.

“He’s the perfect size,” strangers in the street murmur. I agree.

So, a trailer would work both short term and for longer rides this summer also, even before I get a new bike. I love Dingo, my 2009 Specialized CrossTrail, but I am ready for something a little more touring specific.

So, next steps for riding with Ziggy – order a Muttmover backpack and start searching for trailers! Cross your fingers for us!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, will you keep us posted on yours?



PS – Oh! Starting May 20th we’re doing a weekly #dogwalk on Periscope on Wednesdays!! Follow @girleatsbike on Twitter and download the Periscope app for real time updates when we’re broadcasting live!

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