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A few cool things!! Got well over 100 ‘likes’ on the FB – some of my friends really stepped up to promote GirlEatsBike and that’s awesome.

A good workout day. Walked at a steady heart rate at the gym for 30 minutes. 245 calories. Low & slow, baby. Unfortunately Digifit some how lost my work out. This is the second time this week. I’m not sure if I might be accidentally doing something with the iPad to put the data at risk. I’m going to have to pay very close attention to this moving forward and perhaps check out the help desk at Digifit online to see if anyone else has had the problem.

After work I went and did a little warm up, a little strength training (backs, mostly, we’ve been doing this #100situpsaday and strengthening the opposing muscle group is a good thing for balance) and a stop at situpsville.

Trying to recollect:

10 minutes @ 3.5 w/ incline 6

Lat pull downs
5 x 10 @ 55lbs

Back Extensions
5 x 20 @ 100lbs

Sit ups on the bench
60 w/ 8lb medicine ball
40 twists w/ 8lb medicine ball

60 bicycles
20 leg lifts
20 scissor lifts

Rows, mid
4 x 10 @ 40lbs

Reverse sit ups w/ 10lb plate
4 x 10

Doesn’t look like much in this list, but it was good.

I can’t tell if the app died again (as I was rocking out the first set of sit ups, no less) or if it was my iPad being buggy. It is a little annoying, I would have liked to see the whole work out.

Eh. First world problems.



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