In the month-plus since I’ve last written, I’ve had some developments:

My knee has recovered nicely from the MCL sprain last month. I’m still being very careful with it, as it starts aching after some work. I haven’t started running on the treadmill again other than a cardiac stress test I took a few weeks ago. There is good news here. First, I’m fairly healthy in the heart-department! Second, I haven’t been as concerned about running because SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG here in the northeast and I am RIDING again!

I’ve gotten out for just one spin around my favorite local loops and a few Saturday AM rides to the gym.

This past weekend spontaneously decided to bike+train to a friend’s house (the same that took the Midway-to-Cape May trip two years ago) in the tippy-top of North Jersey instead of driving as I had originally planned. Ms. Elle*Eye was already up there, and it seemed like such a waste of gas and tolls to take two cars back, etc. So in what I’m certain is record time for me to decided something like that, I found my route, identified my itinerary and was off!

The first victory I’ll have you note is that I made it to the Trenton Transit Center without getting lost. This is kind of a big deal. Trenton is not only notoriously unforgiving in the street-signs and directions department, but also not the safest place in New Jersey. I’ve been looking to conquer that one for a while, and I have finally figured it out.

I didn’t make the train I really wanted due to morning obligations, so my transfer at Secaucus Junction was totally delayed. I had to wait about an hour for the next train, which could be seen as a bummer, but it gave me time to find a seat and a bourbon and watch some of the Knicks-Celtics game. I don’t particularly care for basketball, but the playoffs are the playoffs.. I refused to be trapped in my phone for the duration of my train rides – partly because I wanted to save battery strength in my phone, but also because I just wanted to be present, in the moment, aware of my surroundings and able to connect with people around me.

It was a lovely, luxuriously lazy travel day, and by the time I arrived at my friend’s home I felt bright-eyed, alive and accomplished.

I did it not necessarily to save time, or money, or health – but for the intersection of all three with some spontaneity and adventure! I was also inspired to bike+train over the weekend because I’ve been gearing up (pun unintended) to start the bike commute again and I wanted a little kick start. I even bought my bus pass for the month of May!

So this morning I resurrected the bike commute. I didn’t do the bike commute at all last year, and I promised myself that when I got this more favorable schedule I would start riding to work again. I’ve been itching to start all month long, but this or that or this again kept getting in the way. But I got it going again today, without even thinking about it being Earth Day. A fun coincidence, to be sure.

I struggle sometimes because the car is the path of least resistance. It just doesn’t take me as long or require as much planning to drive to work. But, man, do I HATE LIFE when I’m stuck in traffic. Yuck. It’s gross. And I can’t help but look out the window at a bright, blue-skied day and think to myself – I should’ve done the bike thing today.

So here we are.

There’s a lot I can do to simplify my commute – but you can’t wait until things are perfect to start, otherwise, you’ll never get anywhere, because nothing is perfect.

How’ve YOU been?



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