Sooo.. I started live tweeting during The Biggest Loser. Luckly my work schedule has changed recently and I’m actually able to do this now where I couldn’t in the past. This has been an interesting experience.

First of all, while I am what you call technochallenged, I do like the convenience of DVR. Zipping through commercials, pausing to change laundry over or process the show with my partnerface. It’s been weird watching a television program in real-time. I’m sort of half-in, half-out. Trying to refresh mah twitters to see what other tweeps are tweeting while watching what’s happening on the screen.

But man, it has been cool. I’m especially pretty psyched that @BiggestLoserNBC started using my “#hitthedeck” hashtag in reference to the Bob Harper’s deck of cards workout routine that I first wrote about back in October, and again just a few days ago. I started calling it that on my Digifit for tracking purposes. Catchy, ain’t it?

Ultimately it’s all about the interaction with other fans, viewers and even *swoon* the trainers. I mean, come on.. Bob, Jillian and Dolvett are three of the hottest individuals ever. Me-ow! So when Jillian responded to my tweet on premier night I was on cloud-friggin-nine.

To be honest, there are a lot of ignorant, rude people out there too and Twitter is rife with ’em. You’re thinking, “No sh!t, Sherlock.” The Internet and social networking has made so easy to be cruel to strangers. It’s disheartening and even a little scary for what that might mean for society at large. Thankfully I’m past the point of needing to argue with dumb-dumbs on the Internet.

Regardless, it’s been a pretty interesting experience and WAY more fun than I expected. I plan to keep on keepin’ on.

How about you?



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