“Soft, driven, slow and mad – like some new language.”

A few things:

My partner and I have been traveling for four weeks now by RV across the country. The intention was to take our time on the southern route to visit friends and family on the way to try on living in Portland, Oregon.

In the months and weeks preceding the departure for this grand journey, I stopped going to the gym (excuse: too busy sorting and packing up our lives, tying up loose ends) and starting eating and drinking a bunch more (excuse: so many gatherings with friends and family, seeing people “for the last time in a while” and those gatherings often centered around food and drink). I haven’t weighed myself since before we left, but I’ve probably gained about 15-20 lbs and am certainly up over 200 again.

That’s a bummer. We’ve had a bunch of bummers lately. Some good things too, but definitely more challenges than we could possibly anticipate.

Where am I today? Well, I’m writing from Las Cruces, New Mexico. This month has been painful and cathartic, and – let me only speak for myself here – I have been looking forward to this stop on our journey so that I could do some healing, emotional and physical.

I’m sure I’ll have some turkey tomorrow – it is Thanksgiving, after all! – but I need to detox my body. I’ve managed to regain control my intake of travel food and continue to eat a fair amount vegetables. I’m still lacking in the water department. I know that’s a big piece of it. As well as limiting alcohol. Booze wreaks havoc on my system, and I have had at least one drink on most days since we’ve been on this trip. I’m sure part of it is the idea of a reward – you see, we’ve been working this whole time while we travel and it has been CRA-ZY. Just not drinking for a few days has already helped to minimize that old bloated feeling.

I’ve found some places for massage therapy and yoga here and have also¬†heard some wonderful things about local hikes.There are also some bike paths. We’ve brought our bikes with us, and it feels like finally the time is right to unhook them and saddle up.

I’ve driven well over 3000 miles, and I could really use a ride.

Also going to use this time here to reboot my meditation and gratitude practices, centered around this healing place and tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday.

I wish light and love to you. Whoever you are, and wherever you’re reading this.


PS: Didn’t have any BBQ in Tennessee. Nor in Texas. Just didn’t feel like it, I guess.

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