We’re visiting family in California for the next few days, and I’ve been concerned about falling off the fitness wagon while we’re away. We’re in the L.A. area, super close to Mt. Baldy for Amgen Tour of California fans, but unfortunately I won’t have time to rent a bike and climb up that sucker – so we gotta do something else to stay on track with the physical fitness.

“Hit the deck” is damn perfect. I’ve posted about it on the FB before, but in case you’re not familiar, you take a standard deck of playing cards and assign a different exercise to each suit. Usually for me they are as follows: hearts are push ups, spades are situ ups, diamonds are squats and the clubs vary. In the past they’ve been jumping jacks or step ups. Today clubs represented donkey kicks out of respect for downstairs neighbors. Basically you shuffle the cards and flip the cards one by one and the number on the card is the number of reps you perform. Face cards and aces are 10. If you have jokers in the deck can be whatever. At the gym, one joker is a lap around the track and the other is a plank.

This is a Bob Harper routine which I learned about from Jillian Michaels via the Twitters, and it’s an absolutely great tool for either kicking up your normal workout routine or doing on the road – works great in hotel rooms because you don’t need much room and your own body weight works as the perfect resistance for this training. Check out my heart chart from today’s workout. Give it a shot some time!

Tomorrow I’ll post some other travel tips to keep you on target while you’re away from home.




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