This has been an interesting, and at times very challenging day. I don’t know why I thought the headache wasn’t going to be that bad. And at times, it wasn’t.. it comes and goes now.

The caffeine withdrawl is amazing. Sure, I only have one cup in the morning (espresso & almond milk) but I do drink one or two cups of unicorn tea throughout the day, which, as we know does have caffeine.

I don’t normally get headaches unless I’m hungover.

I’ve also been wearing my most comfortable pair of grumpy pants, and have found myself craving everything I’m not supposed to eat today. Like Doritos. Didn’t help that my co-workers loudly enjoyed their Italian subs today. I had to bury my face in my sweatshirt to hide from the smell. And it’s amazing how many things are in the kitchen here at work that are off my prefast diet. Coffee & tea for days, bagels & butter or creamcheese.. Hot cocoa. Mmmm.. Hot cocoa..

No! Must.. remain.. STRONG! lol

my desk: land of a thousand cups

If I just keep hydrating myself, I’ll get through this.

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