I signed up for an 8-week motivational weight-loss program called “I Lost it at PEAC” at my gym the other day. It’s a competition, we’ll be broken into teams and coached. Winners get some kind of prize – dollars that can be used at the health club.

Ultimately, I’m not in it for any prize money – but I am in it to win it. I signed up on my way to zombie jet lag spin class on Monday, and as I settled in to working in the saddle I said to myself, “I’m gonna win.” And when I said that it had more to with me getting to my personal goals as opposed to beating “opponents.” I think we’re all trying to get to the same place.

I left the times that I am available to meet with my to-be-determined team and will get an email from the club after they’ve matched me up with a group that fits my schedule.

Program starts on Jan. 28.

I am nervous but excited.



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