I miss my pops.

Hello friends & Happy Thursday,

I went to the gym last night – thank god – because I’ve got a 5k to yog next weekend and I’m really not in very good shape. I did some work on the elliptical as well as experimented with some upperbody strength exercises to see what I can do or not do with my shoulder. I’ve started keeping an exercise journal, I think that charting out what I do when I’m at the gym will keep me focused on actual improvement. Seeing where I’ve been and adding to it incrementally will show the progress I’ve been longing for.

I haven’t tracked my calorie intake. I’m sure this has been deterimental to my progress. It’s been very easy to make excuses – my favorite one is about how I don’t have the time. Work is too busy (explains the lack of posts here, as well) and I’m trying to simultaniously write a business plan and a novel as well as live my life. While I’d rather be busy than bored, I need to make sure I’m making the time for things that are important to me.

I’m going to the gym again tonight with a focus on running, stretching my shoulder and strengthening my back. I definitely need to put in some time on the track especially because next weekend, Nov. 5, I’m yogging the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s 5k in Philly. This is in honor of my father, Frank, who succumbed to the disease in 2010 after fighting for 3+ years.

Steve Jobs, the iconic tech guru and business leader, lasted six years before falling to pancreatic cancer earlier this month.

Our team, Team WC2F, is so close to reaching our modest goal. So I’m asking you kindly & gently, to dig deep and donate a few bucks to help us reach our goal. Click here to help us out. Please folks, we’re almost there – every dollar counts.

 iHate pancreatic cancer, do you?