I’ve been super into Instagram lately. I just looove me some bike pics. I always have, always will. Thankfully Instagram has made it even easier for me to find these pictures, and to get inspired to ride. The hashtags categorize things nicely. One click, and you’ve got a cornucopia of bike porn at your fingertips. The real trick is not to let yourself live vicariously through the posts and get out there and make your own memories yourself.

Bicycling Magazine recently published a fun article with a bunch of folks they suggest you follow if you want your Instagram feed to be chock full of bikes and other interesting bike life pics.

You may not have an Instagram account yet, which is fine. We could have a philosophical conversation about social media. You can click on the links below even if you don’t have an account and view through the web. You must have an account if you wish to participate by commenting or liking a photo. Otherwise, you can view-only via the webs without an account.

I thought to myself, “Self, can I make it super easy for folks to find and add-up these Insta-celebs?” and of course the answer was yes. Not only can you, but you should.


Here’s the cheatsheet version, so you can just add them up! A few of the folks were way more active on Twitter than Instagram, so I included both, or whatever I found that I thought was relevant. There’s a Tumblr link in there. You’re welcome?
Want to turn this into a fun game? 1) Pat yourself on the back for each one of these folks you already follow! 2) Count how many pats you have! Doesn’t that sound like a blast?!




@KathrynBertinewho recommends: @jasongay @JulietMacur, Voxwomen on TW @Voxwomen or IG @voxwomencycling
@taylorphinney on TW who recommends: @MarkCavendish
@ellyblue on TW or IG: @PathLessPedaled @annabrones @amysue
@danny_macaskill TW or IG
@LadyVelo: @vulpinecc TW or IG @lovelybicycle TW or IG
Who to Follow:
@CadenceClothing —> Follow our official IG @cadencecollection
@catcaperello <– okay, you got me! That’s me! And I’m not on the fancy magazine list, but this is my blog, dammit.
@cyclingfans on TW
@Cyclochelle —> @michellekhare
@DennisChristo4 on TW
@dwuori on TW
@f_cancellara on TW
@fuckyeahcycling on Tumblr?
@IamtheSecretPro on TW
@inrng on TW
@PedalingNowhere —> @bikepackingcom
@_pigeons_ on TW
@theamandabatty on TW
@veloclinic on TW
Other recommended, not IG specific:


Fun hashtags. Try them. You might like it.


#baaw (bike against a wall)
#wymtm (what you missed this morning)

 What say you? Are you not inspired?!


To be clear, this is by NO means a comprehensive list. It’s just a starting point courtesy of Bicycling Mag.


Do you follow any bikey peeps? Who are they? I want to follow them too.


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