bucket o’death

lil cups o'death

This is customer service week at work – Monday we had a chili cook off. Tuesday the bosses ordered us pizza, garlic knots and salad. Wednesday they divided us into teams to compete in an office-themed version of cupcake wars – complete with a 32lb bucket of store bought icing. We did the math – there are approximately 73,000 calories in that bucket.

Someone thought the customer service people might like little cups of icing as a treat. Horriffic. I didn’t have a cup, but I did have two spoons full.. I did it. I might not track it, but I’ll own up and admit it..

Today, I am on a fruit & veggie fast.

I didn’t win the chili cook-off or the cupcake war. That’s okay, I knew going in it wasn’t my best work in both instances, but I will be honest and tell you that I didn’t track intake for most of the weekend and the past three days and I know for a fact that on Monday I didn’t eat a single vegetable as we know it – aside from processed, canned tomatoes. And I have paid for it. Lethargy, bloat, grossness from the inside out.

Can I turn back the clock? No, clearly. But I can refocus  for the rest of the week.  My body has gotten to the point where it’s so used to getting necessary vitamins and nutrients from eating properly that when my intake is skewed, I really feel it; like my body is actually rejecting poor eating habits.

Which brings me to my next hurdle: this weekend. I’m going camping with Ms. Elle*Eye and some great friends in the Catskills – and I’ve got to figure out a plan of attack so that she and I can keep up the great work we’ve done with our intake habits and nourishment.

I’m thinking BBQ-style chicken breast and loading up on a plan for fruits and veggies. I have 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast to figure out – as well as snackies. Definitely bringing the bike, even though it’s hilly as hell up there – I’d rather bring it and not use it than leave it at home and wish I had it..

I feel like I’m in the right frame of mind to plan out a specific camp strategy, but definitely open to tips and tricks! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  • Lauren

    For breakfast I’m putting instant oats into baggies w/cinnamon and raisins to be cooked in a pot. I’m also bringing a big salad that will hopefully last overnight w/o having to be in the cooler, and “chicken” salad. Dinner = peppers & onions w/tofurkey Italian sausages one night, and BBQ portobello burgers and sweet potatoes the other. Snacks = apples/bananas/vegg/hummus/granola bars. You can do it :]

  • Lauren

    Also.. I am brining some junk food lol. I’ve got some vegan marshmellows for s’mores. And don’t tell Shannon but I’m making early birthday cupcakes for her.. homemade peanut butter cups baked into chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. and Tia’s by Kettle.. they’re like vegan doritos, except healthier and more delicious.

  • Saved, I enjoy your site! :)