Hello, my little cupcakes!

(…mmmm, cupcakes…)

So there’s only one week left of our donation drive for the Adventure Cycling/United States Bicycle Route System. And I am THRILLED to announce that we got one! A donation, that is. A woman I don’t know and have never met (but wouldn’t mind being Facebook friends with, holler at yer girl, yo!) actually donated a whole $10 to this cause!

VICTORY! if victory is the absence of abject failure.

Did she do it because she believes in the cause? Did she do it out of pity? Did she do it because she wants me to shut the hell up? Who knows! Who cares!

Actually, I care.

I may not know much about fixing cantilever (ain’t that the truth) brakes, but I know that I can’t have a fundraiser without YOU.

So, we’re only a few dollars away from meeting our reduced team goal of $50 – if we exceed that, I’ll post the “before and during” pictures for ya. Unless you have a better idea to make this more interesting in the last week of National Bike Month – I’m listennnnninnnng. :)

What do you say? Any takers? Click here.

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