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We Jerzians have no shortage of pride – whether the heart of that lies with the Shore, proximity to the City (and I say begrudgingly their sports teams, though I am a Philly fan at heart), or terrible reality television. When you ask me where my Jersey pride lies, it’s in the gardens. I’ve posted about our amazing produce before. If you live here, you know exactly what I mean. If you don’t, or have never travelled to this great Garden State south of Newark in the summer, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

My personal favorite? The tomatoes. To me, Jersey tomatoes are the most delicious things growing on this great green Earth. I love them as the focal point of a sammich or main star of a tomato salad – simply dressed with garlic, oregano/basil, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Holy cow. I need to hit the farmers market.

Our friends at WebMD put this little slide show together called 10 Ways to Romance a Tomato and word on the street is, it’s even better if you do it with a Jersey-licious.


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