ticket to ride

40-miles, 3:09. A very hilly 40-miles.

 Yesterday I rode in my first organized charity ride. It was an awesome loop throughout southern Hunterdon county.

This area is hilly. No, it’s not the Alps, it’s not the Rockie.. but trust me – it’s enough to inflict pain. Especially on a girl like me who still has 60 some pounds to lose, chronic knee problems and a heavier-than-yours hybrid bike.

I told myself, it doesn’t matter how slow you go. You can drop into the lowest gear and finish last – just keep spinning. Like when I ran the 5k last year. Just don’t stop to walk, that’s all I asked of myself.

Well, I did it. The uphill is always trying, but flying on the descent is soo worth it. I got my max speed up to 36mph. Bombing through those downhills felt so amazing – that’s the time when having a few dozen extra pounds really comes in handy! :)

I also want to mention that this Bike MS ride was a very well organized event. The cues and turns were very clearly marked (although lawn signs instead of spray paint on the pavement would’ve been easier to see, but you get used to it), and they had tons of volunteers out at key intersections making sure that you kept on the right track. There were well stocked rest stops every 10-12 miles, though other than bananas and orange wedges, not much food in the gluten-free department. I was thankful for said bananas (and the Kind bars I brought along for myself just in case). I was also thankful for the volunteers whose main job was to cheer us in to each rest stop and enthusiastically propelled us across the finish line. What a great feeling!

Anywhoo – I raised a total of $487 in addition to my $40 reg fee and Ms. Elle*Eye’s $20 virtual rider contribution (so she could join me at the finish for lunch, beers, a pint glass and t-shirt). Not too shabby for deciding to join only 6 days prior to the event!

The donation center is still open until October 16 if anyone wants to help me get over $500. Please click here to make a donation.