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The Superbowl is upon us, so I thought I would revive these tips from a million years ago to share with you. You’ll find it within an original post about my office’s big game party here: Oh My… Your Bowl is so Super

Some of this has changed for me, like #1, since I do the gluten-free thing now and drank a couple glasses of wine last night (and two teensy tastes of bourbon, heyyyy-o!) I won’t be partaking in libations today.

Also, we’re going to watch the big game with my mom and her man-friend, and it’s just the four of us – so I was able to lay down some ground rules about certain things, and let her know what we’re bringing. As you can see below, that piece – bringing a safe nosh to lean on – is really my own personal secret weapon in this war.

So, here are some strategies I plan to employ to have the best outcomes:

1) Super light beer: Ugh. People, I’m an ale-drinker. I like the Newcastle, I like the Guinness, I like the Sammy Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. I like beers so dense you can stand a spoon straight up in it! But these things also like me, they like my waistline and show it by sticking around long after the bottles and bladders have been drained. So, this year, I succumb. I’ve had smart and amusing comments about light and ultra-light beer in the past, but I’m giving in.. I haven’t decided which one I will have yet, but it will be watery for sure. Oh well. I’ll adapt.

2) Eat at home: I’m planning to load up on something good and healthy and filling at home so as to not be starving when I get to the big show. This seems like a no-brainer. The last thing you want is to be hungry as hell in a sea of deliciousness.

[2013 edit: You think you’re doing something good by not eating and saving up the calories for party-time-excellent, but really the opposite is true.]

3) Bring something: This is especially important if you’re not sure what your hosts are going to have, or if it’s a pot luck. If you bring something healthy and delicious, you’re not only contributing in a positive way, but you have something there to fall back on. You know the nutritional value of it, and you can load up your plate with whatever that is first and leave only a little room for a taste of this and a taste of that. This year, at the request of my hosts, I am bringing chicken wings (baked, not fried), [2013 edit: I’m totally not bringing wings this year. That is all.] but I am also bringing a variety of fresh veggies and a mexican dip made from Greek yogurt. That way, I know I have something great to snack on, and will make sure to reach for those before I reach for chips.

4) Slow it down: Chill. Out. This stuff isn’t going anywhere. It’s really helpful to take a good long look at everything available. After you’ve surveyed the options, you can plan out what’s really important to your tastebuds. And ya know what, you’re going to see it again in a few months at the Memorial Day BBQ your friends are already planting the seeds for.. Unless we’re talking about football-shaped cococrisp treats, then, maybe you can have one.

For most people, SuperBowl Sunday represents the first substantial challenge to their New Years resolutions (pesky things, I like intentions better), but the real key to success is moderation and planning. You can have a taste of something, but do your best to savor and appreciate it. Combined with regular efforts of increased physical activity, I believe you’re setting yourself up for success.

What do you find the most challenging about parties? How do you address those concerns? What are your tips or secrets for success?

Another thing I recently learned (like, yesterday) is that if you’re watching the game at home or in good company, you can make a work-out game to it! Like a drinking game, only your liver likes it better. Someone got a first down? Do 10 squats! Quarterback was sacked? Do a plank! There are actually a bunch of tips my ILIAP coach shared with us yesterday via email that I think are pretty awesome and I would never have thought of!


Also, here’s a link our ILIAP coach sent around for lightened snackies . I haven’t really dug into it, but maybe one of you will find something good in here. :)

Party on, Wayne!

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