During our bonkers cross country trip last year, I realized quickly that if I moved to Las Vegas I’d be living in a cardboard box within 2 weeks.

Maybe it’s my predisposition towards addiction, but I was ready to get all Clark Griswold on that Roulette table.

That’s what this email received today triggered for me:

Winner winner chicken dinner! JK I haven't really been eating land meat lately.

Also want to mention that on the 10%/6 month challenge, betters must meet monthly % goals in order to avoid dangerous play. Good on DietBet for building in a stipulation that promotes healthy loss.

I saw someone on the message board for the challenge posting that she hadn’t received her winnings yet and wanted to roll them into a bet for another challenge. No judgement there, but then this email came in, and it just resonated with me.

Does this seem weird to anyone else?



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