So, my lovely partner has granted my birthday wish. She will accompany me on her first (my 2nd) bike camping adventure! It will be an overnight next weekend where we will combine public transportation and about a 24 mile ride to a state park west of Portland.

When I did my only other bike camping adventure in 2011, I went with a riding partner who was responsible for her own tent & sleeping gear. This time, I am definitely feeling a bit more like I want/need to carry more gear (and weight!) so that my fiance-partner might have a more enjoyable time and maybe.. decide she loves it!!

Previously, I didn’t cook while bike camping. We relied on meal bars and finding food locally. It was time for me, however, to get a stove. And it’s not just for dinner! I do not mess around with my coffee in the morning. Hell, good coffee was another reason I wanted to move to Portland!

So, I’m making my list, I’m checking it twice. I hope I pay attention to the planning, because I wanna make bike camping with my sweetie NICE!




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