BUSDRIVER! Move that kitty!

Not all weekends are easy. Some present to us opportunities in the form of challenges to which we are not accustomed. Some weekends find us meeting with old friends and old habits regardless of how hard we’ve been working on the new and good.

This was one of those weekends for me. I definitely overate on both Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t treat myself too nicely and will definitely have to work my ass off this week to even things up.

And I’ll do that. I’ve spent some time this morning processing my actions over the past 48 hours. I’ve long since known that I’m not perfect; that I, like so many others, hit pitfalls and roadblocks from time to time. Some are circumstantial, others are selfmade – but they’re all real and can have real consequences.

So, that said, I’m planning on spending the next 48 hours detoxing from the weekend and myself. I choose to forgive myself and move forward.

The only way out is through.


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