This is my buddy Brad.

Spoiler alert: I don’t know much about e-bikes. There. I said it.

What I do know is that Brad is a good friend of mine who works for a company called EcoSpeed, and they make electric assist kits which work on your own transmission of your own bike basically converting it into an e-bike when you need a little help.

  • Kid-filled cargo bike a bit too much going up that hill?
  • Want to head out on a big, bucketlist ride, but your knees are crap?
  • Need a little extra oomph on your way back from the grocery store?
  • Have you been thinking of adding delivery by bicycle for your business, but don’t think your employees have the leg-power to navigate a loaded bike?
  • Want to haul your kayak? I’m for serious, people.

Well, an electric assist kit can offer you the above while keeping you on your own bike.

I’m telling you this because my buddy Brad launched EcoSpeed’s Kickstarter this month, and with 11 days left, they’re well over halfway to the goal. These guys aren’t newbies – they’ve been building for years and have stellar reviews from their customers – but they are raising money so they can finally go into production instead of doing one-off builds. Check out the Kickstarter page for awesome pics of where their kits have helped riders go.

They are smart. They are passionate. They are driven.

Also, the kits are made right here in Portland, Oregon, USA.

So please click through, check them out, share them widely. I need – heck, we ALL need– these guys to have a chance to take their business to the next level.

And remember, their kits are also great for diverse frames like trikes, recumbents and a real benefit for anyone who has a need for adaptive cycling – meaning they aren’t quite able bodied enough to handle the physical demands of riding a bike.

If you’ve ever considered an e-bike, but just love your OWN bike too much to consider a different rig, this is is a great time to learn about what EcoSpeed’s electric assist can do for you and back their Kickstarter for great deals on moving you closer to riding with ease.


Please check these guys out – seriously – they’re awesome. Every time you share the EcoSpeed Kickstarter link, I’ll give you a high five, and Brad’s dreads grow a little bit longer.

Thanks for reading.



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