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I have some lovely news this morning! Mercer County has just become the second county in the state to support the Complete Streets initiative – which means that any future roadwork plans must take non-vehicular use into consideration. This means that planning for bicycles and pedestrians is now required in Mercer County, and no longer the  exception. We won’t see the fruits of this for years to come as considerations are made with new projects being planned – but make no mistake, this is awesome. it It’s a step in the right direction and hopefully a harbinger of statewide adoption.

I was unable to attend the Freeholder meeting where advocate groups such as the West Windsor Bicycling and Pedestrian Alliance (WWBPA), the Princeton Freewheelers, and the Trenton Cycling Revolution showed up to voice support for the program. I was unable to attend due to my work schedule, but here is the email I wrote to the Mercer County Freeholders:

Hello Honorable Freeholders,
I’m writing today to express my feelings as a Mercer County resident in support of the Complete Streets. I like riding my bike around town (Ewing) and try to use it along with the NJ Transit bus system to commute to work in Plainsboro (I work until 8pm, so I can only really do that for a few months when the sun is up later in the evening.) I use cycling for fun and exercise, and I know many others do too, but because many roads are simply not safe – and cyclists are seen as an unrepresented hassle by some motorists, we are severly limited as to where we can go, when and how safely.
Cycling is good. It’s good for our bodies, good for the environment and great for the local economy. I am fully aware that urban sprawl is to blame for certain inadvertant inconveniences – such as reliance on the automobile and the proliferation of box-stores – but you have the opportunity here to make a move toward improving the health of our community on many levels. Not to mention the tacit acceptance of taking cyclists into account when making decisions to improve our roadways will help educate motorists and save lives.
It’s a no brainer. Please support cycling and it’s many benefits for our Mercer County community.

I’d like to think that my email to the policy makers helped our county to move forward. The ocean, afterall, is made up of single drops of water.

Speaking of drops and drips, I am moving back in the right direction on the scale. Hitting the gym more, getting the gluten-free thing and the poor eating habits that it was triggering under better control. This is a good thing. Although for two nights in a row I’m dreaming about things I shouldn’t eat. First, fried wontons – then hot dog rolls. Crazy, right? It’s like when I quit smoking a few years ago. I would wake up in a panic, dreaming that I had fallen asleep in bed with a cigarette in my hands. The subconscious brain is nutty.


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