Photo by Randy Richmond

The Witchita city website says this about bicycle maintenance, “Properly cleaned and maintained, a bicycle should outlive its owner.”

Okay, that’s a little creepy – but it happens to be true.

We’re talking about one of the greatest technological achievements of man, but your average bicycle doesn’t include air filters or radiators or anything crazy complicated. Just like eating well, giving our bodies regular exercise and visits to the doctor – routine maintenance is important to ensure a long, healthy life for your bicycle.

Everything from checking tire pressure before each ride to making sure the chain is cleaned and lubed once a year are key pieces to maintaining bike health.

With Spring fast approaching, now is the time to make sure seasonal maintenance is done so I can plan and enjoy some loooong rides on which I’ve got my sights set.

I noticed on my mini-spin two weeks ago that my front brake pad is sticking. It’s moved over too far and rubbing on the wheel. Well, that’s not helpful! Now, I have a bike shop that I trust, but I’m thinking I can just research the necessary repair and make the corrective action myself. The Internets is full of useful info and my tool-shed is full of useful tools – trust me, it once took an hour to find a set of hex keys.. This abundance will no doubt save dollars and boost my confidence as a bike owner. Theoretically.

I’m planning on doing this work this weekend, stay tuned for what I’m sure will be an amusing – yet hopefully accomplished – post regarding these antics on Monday.

Question: What are your favorite outdoor activities? Do you ride a bike? If so, would you consider performing your own routine maintenance or do you prefer to pay a trained, professional wrench to do the work?

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