You may have been wondering, where have all the cowgirls gone?

Why, oh why, have I been gone for SO long? Well, little babies, don’t worry. I’m still right here.

It’s confirmed, I have a wheat allergy. I did not test positive for Celiac, so that is excellent news – but I have had some serious dietary changes to make. This has been.. challenging. Do you have any freaking idea how much wheat the average American consumes on a daily basis?? A lot. I’m not going to bore you and depress my self by recounting all the things I cannot eat.

Today is a co-workers’ last day with the company, and I opted out of the cupcakes. (Cupcakes from HOUSE of CUPCAKES a FoodTV Cupcake Wars winner even!) For a moment, I considered getting a cupcake and eating the frosting off the top. Their peanut butter cup cupcakes are effing rediculous. But no, too tempting to override the misery I will feel hours from now if I only take a chomp of that delicious cakey goodness now.. Trust me, I’ve been cheating here and there, and then paying for it. The good news is that gluten-free products are more prevelant than ever. It’s hard to tell if it’s just a trend, but I know some folks who really cannot eat the stuff and have made significant dietary changes as a result. Seems I’m now one of them.

Anyway, the frosting – it was tempting and everyone knows I’m a sugar FIEND, but I actually went to the gym last night for the first time in like five weeks and I have to keep my eyes on the prize. Again. Now, you may be saying: Catherine – you are a broken record – we’ve heard this before. And to that point, I reply: Yes. It’s true. Get over it. This is mine, my journey. Not yours. I own my actions and results. I smoked cigarettes (sorry mom) for ten years and it took probably a good 20-30 times over a majority of those years to quit. But I did. I was never able to imagine what life would be like without smoking, but I made it – and most of the time, I don’t even remember that I used to smoke for days or weeks at a time. The point is, my journey is mine and I recognize that I haven’t been chronicling it with the same vigor as I did last year. There are a lot of really amazing things happening outside of the digital world for me, and to some extent I’ve been using that as an excuse. So, it’s another round of re-focusing for me. Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress – because this is not just about losing weight, it’s about wellness. It’s about feeling good, and identifying the wheat thing, as inconvenient as it may be, is a step in that direction.

So, today, friends – I celebrated my first free-bagel-friday with a gluten-free English muffin. And I loved every damn minute of it.

Spin class tomorrow morning. First one in like, 5 weeks? The gym felt great last night, so, I look forward to getting my ass kicked in all the best ways. I’ll check in with my weight soon. I’ve been hovering a few pounds above my last check in, so admittedly, I’m trying to get back down to that again.

As far as riding for realz goes – the weather is B-E-A-utiful!!! Makes me more than a little concerned about how July and August are going to feel, but I can’t do anything about that anyway so I’ll just be present and enjoy where I’m at in this moment. Riding has been easly pushed to the side for other projects, I need to set aside time in my schedule for that.

If it’s important to me, I’ll do it.

What’s important to you?


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  • Ack! Wheat allergy!

    April marks my one year anniversary for finding out I have a malt allergy. My first reaction was, “no biggie, I don’t drink beer and I’ll avoid Whoppers.” Turns out, it is in a LOT of what were my go-to foods. Just like wheat.

    This is still a process for me as I intermittently get it into my head that MAYBE something I thought had malt in it does NOT have malt in it. Then I have a mini-tantrum when I check the ingredient list.

    It’s a process. A challenging one. But SO worth it. Today I realized it has been months since my last migraine or sick day, and last year I had 9 months straight of illness. I don’t look so inflammed, and I am happier. I can’t wait to hear more about your process!!

    • Cattio

      Thanks Maria! Malt, huh?? Yeah, it’s really a bummer! Thankfully food labels are supposed to clearly indicate if a product includes wheat because it’s an allergen, but the grocery store is easy. I find it really easy to override my best interests when I go out to eat. That’s definitely something I need to work on – taking the time to really, really read the menu and not letting myself get so hungry that I compromise. It is challenging, butluckly Lisa is helpful here, and I’m worth it. :)

    • What does MALT look like on a label?? What do they name it?

      • Cattio


        Educate us, Maria! :)

  • Shamazon

    Sister, I am so proud of you! As one who made this change years ago, then dabbled in gluten at points, and now adamantly stay away from the stuff (as you implied, the momentary pleasure is not worth the days of fog head & sadness) I feel your pain & your triumph in making healthy decisions for yourself. These choices are acts of self love & that spreads near & far. Kindness is sexy. Luckily if you’re having a craving there’s an alternative not too far away. Until the next time we share a meal of GF pizza, big hugs my friend.

    • Cattio

      Thank you!! Shams, you are truly an inspiration in this department. You’ve influenced me to take the time and effort to better myself more than you know. SO looking forward to our next pizza party :) xoxo

  • I’m so proud of you!! You are listening to your body and what it’s telling you and that’s so, so important to having a healthy body for life. We have to live in this body for about 80-100 years. Some people take care of the house they live in before taking care of their body. The body IS a house, it’s your house, and must be maintained!

    • Cattio

      Thanks babe.. I appreciate your motivation and continued help with this.