This salad just about saved my life earlier.

Here are the stats:

I limit my deli lunch meat intake because they are loaded with nitrates and that is badness. However I discovered that Whole Foods has real WHOLE turkey breast (as well as roast beast, if you’re into that sort of thing) so I got some sliced at the deli for wraps and threw some of it into my above salad this morning before I left for work.

In other news:

I’ve decided to make my MyFitnessPal food diary public, in the interest of being honest. So.. yeah. Go easy on me.

Also, I am down 1.2lbs today. That’s nice.

I’m off to the gym tonight – seriously needed after my workday from hell.


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  • It’s all about exercising integrity in the moment of choice. Congrats on dropping another pound.

    • Thank you, sir! I agree, life is a series of choices. How you stack ’em up is up to you.

      Thanks for stopping by :)