Earlier this year I wrote a bicycle-related haiku (called a baiku, yeah, I said it) as part of a contest on the Twitter run by ChicksOnBikesRadio.

That’s how I met lady cycling guru and muse, April. This past weekend I met her in real life when she interviewed me for her show on Bike Overnights and then went for a spin over the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was pretty awesome. You can read about my Midway-to-CapeMay tour here. There are a few posts about it, so click around.

I decided to challenge myself and make it a completely car-free trip and biked to the train station (got lost in Trenton).

Here are a few snaps from that beautiful Sunday:


Boarded NJT at Trenton!


We like the train when the train likes us.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah.. We’re heeeeere :)



Manhattan Bridge

Perspective on the Two-Bridges loop. (Dude not included)

Absolutely love this shot*

PS – riding the Brooklyn Bridge is crazy. There are separate ped & bike lanes, but essentially four lanes of bike/ped traffic as walkers and riders move in both directions – not to mention tourists sort of dumbly wandering to try and get the best photos. Not that I can blame them, but I haven’t used a bike bell that much since our trip to Amsterdam last year!

After the Brooklyn Bridge we stopped for a snack and chatted, then parted ways. I took the bike path along the Hudson River and West Side Hwy back up midtown and cut over to Penn Station. It was refreshing to ride on bike lanes, even if you do have to watch for car doors and a multitude of crazy situations. I had just finished the latest BikeSnob book that Lisa brought back for me from Portland, so I felt better prepared than ever for shenanigans.

My day ended back at the doorstep of my home with 26 cumulative miles of riding in three hours. I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment for having done all of it on the bike. I’d absolutely do it again -except the getting lost in Trenton part. :)

Big thanks to April from ChicksOnBikesRadio for the invitation and route planning. It was a total blast. I’ll let you know when the Bike Overnights show is produced for mass consumption.

In other news: My birthday is tomorrow! The big 33. Lisa and I are going to Montreal for a long weekend, courtesy of Amtrak. We’ll be renting bikes from their awesome public bike-share system. I’m looking forward to sharing that experience with her, and then you.

Cherish today, it’s all we’ve ever got*



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  • Shana

    Happy birthday, Catherine! Looks like you had a great ride in the city! You have a great blog here. Hope you and Lisa have a fabulous time in Montreal. Safe travels!