Okay, you probably don’t know just how into drive-ins I am.. When I lived in Upstate New York I was so excited to have three drive-ins within a 20-mile radius of where I lived. So very cool. I loved the ambiance, the getting there early, sneaking in beer and hanging out with friends prior to the show. Hell, I love drive-ins so much that for my birthday this year I rented a projector and a screen and showed movies in my backyard!

Well, a good friend of mine just shared this with my Facebook and I wanted to share it with you. This is what the kids call, ‘the bomb’ – too bad it’s across the pond in England.

Magnificent Revolution’s Cycle-In Cinema!

The CYCLE-IN CINEMA is an ongoing series of cinema events taking place around London.

Imagine a Drive-In Cinema without the cars. Audiences cycle to the screening, hook their bikes into the generator and power the show. Our new 20 bike generator is capable of  producing up to 1kW so we can use a much larger projector and sound system. We’ve also been experimenting with a low-power FM transmitter to allow audiences to tune-in to the performances using their mobile phones or radios.

The Cycle-In Cinema is designed to educate and entertain. All the electricity for the screenings is produced by the cyclists. Audiences learn about energy consumption along the way using our unique display system to show how much power they are producing/consuming.

We’re currently on the lookout for exciting corners of the capital to hold our screenings so get in touch if you’d like to bring the Cycle-In to your neighbourhood. The events could happen anywhere…  parks, rooftops and playgrounds.

Soooo… When is someone gonna start this here?! I think I might put this on my to-do list. Pretty effing sweet.

Thanks for the share, Shams!



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