PSA: We’re still collecting for the 2011 US Bicycle Route System fundraiser for national bike month. Please visit the GEB team page and donate $10 today. It’s only a few bucks to help out a great cause that will enhance bike tourism all over this amazing country. Studies show a project like this is good for personal fitness and regional economy.

Please? Pretty please? I ain’t too proud to beg..

I am so freakin happy today! The sun is shining, the trees are green and I am loving this springtime so much!

I’m feeling really good about my time at the gym last night. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical trying to avoid eye-contact with the baseball game, for that may simply bore me to death right there during cardio – instead my eyes danced back and forth between the Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars (while the BL was on commercial, I’m not a sequins-and-ball room kinda gal). The Biggest Loser’s Subway advertising campaign was successful, because that is what I’m going to get for lunch today.

 Anywhoo – here’s the big reason why I am so excited!! Last night I identified the best NJ Transit bus route to combine with the bike for my work commute. While I am physically capable of an unassisted commute from my home to my work (15.8 miles each way) there is one long stretch of road that I really don’t want to ride on at night. There are few lights and drivers regularly hit 55 mph on this route. Whether they should or not is irrelevant – I get out of work late enough that it may be completely dark on that portion of the road and it just takes one texting teenager to end it all. I simply don’t want to put my life in someone else’s hands like that.

So I have spent the past week or so scouring the NJ Transit’s super user-friendly website (insert hint of sarcasm here) to figure out the best and least annoying transportation options to get me from point B to point C and cut out that really uncomfortable portion.

I’m going to a wedding on Friday in Upstate NY (more on this in moments) and will come home Saturday evening – so perhaps I can do a test run on Sunday, just in time for Bike-to-Work week! Now all I need is to learn how the bike racks on the front of the busses work and for the weather to relatively cooperate. :)

Since I’m going to be out-of-town on Friday and Saturday, I think I’m going to have an abbreviated week and weigh-in tomorrow. The jury is still out on that one, but it’s looking like that’s the best option in this instance.

Anyway, I have many, many reasons to be psyched – how about you? What are you loving about life today??