This girl has done more eating than biking lately.

Just saying. Just being honest. Just putting it out there because as much as keeping a public blog about my weightloss journey is motivating, it’s also very easy to be sneaky and just ‘omit’ inconvenient truths.

What’s my point? What am I doing here? Why do I keep this blog?

It’s a method of expression, and hopefully – more importantly – I want it to be a motivational tool for other people to find some community in their journey. Although weight loss is intensely personal (read: only you can do the work), I want you to know that you are not alone.

I did go to spin on Saturday. That was nice. And sweaty lol. I want to get up for the 8:30 spin class tomorrow morning. That’s my next goal. Let’s get back to basics.

Baby steps..

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