I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Working hard, being very conscious of my intake, varying my fitness routines to avoid too much “routine”. And I’m getting the results I want.

I get on the scale almost every day, so this isn’t entirely a surprise to me, but I like to save formal weigh-ins for after my ritual Saturday morning spin class (if you’re reading this Jodi – Hiiii and thank you for all your energy!) because I leave it all on the bike in there and with the sweat, squeeze every drop of water out.

Important!! Let me not understate the importance of hydration here! You have to make sure to take in enough to work hard and stay healthy. Water during spin class is not the thing you should be cutting back on. Trust me. Drink up.

Anyway, I choose to record my weigh in after spin class because I feel like that’s my reset button for the week. The one real constant.

Today I weigh 200.6lbs.

So very close to “one-derland” – that magical, mythical place where for the first time in my adult life my weight will start with a “1”…

I’ve noticed the changes in my body over the past several weeks, and others have too. It seems these last 10lbs or so have been pretty significant visually. Even people at work who I see on the regular have made encouraging comments recently. It helps that I’m wearing clothes that fit my body appropriately. I’ve hit the tipping point where it no longer feels comforting and safe to wear clothes that are too big for me.

The other day, someone I’ve only known since August told me that she didn’t believe that I’ve had weight issues in my life. “I’ve always thought of you as a fit person,” she said. I went to my desk and got some of my heavy pictures to show her. I don’t want to call them “fat” pictures, I love myself enough not to call me, even this former version of myself, names like that anymore.

Today as I was leaving class, my class was holding an ‘introduction to spin’ meeting for members who are interested in attending a class but want to learn more before getting in the saddle. I was leaving late, and the instructor said to the class, whom were all sitting on exercise balls, “I know this class can be intimidating. You see people coming out sweaty” (I am wearing my backwards baseball cap which is absolutely soaked) “and with computers” (I’ve got my iPad with the Digifit app open on the floor). I smiled, and sort of lifted my hand to acknowledge this as I was collecting my things, and the group chuckled.

As I was scooting out, I smiled and said to the class, “I was a beginner once too.”

The instructor replied, “and now you’re not!”

Nope. I’m definitely no longer a beginner. Whether I get to one-derland tomorrow or Monday, I would like to acknowledge myself for the work I’ve done and the amazing journey I’ve had – including all of my stall outs and set backs.

I still have goals to accomplish and not all on the scale, either – I want to do pull ups, dammit! – but right now, in this very moment, I am the strongest, happiest, and most fit I have ever been in my entire life. I’m looking forward to see what happens next!



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  • Wow! Congrats! Huge applause for you in your journey to feel healthy and strong!