Sweet, sweet victory.

Hello friends! In my past, Black Friday may have been known as the morning after. There may have been guilty shoulda-woulda-coulda thoughts about how I could have handled the holiday differently. There may have even been walks of shame.

I am proud to say, that today, there are no “if-only’s”…

The day started with yoga at the gym. I have been excited about this for days since I picked up the holiday schedule at the gym and saw that the instructor was my faaaavorite. I hadn’t been to a yoga practice in nearly 2 years mostly because of my schedule. Sure, the gym does offer several classes throughout the week, but Romy is my favorite instructor. I’ll be honest, I’ve never even tried a class with another instructor, but I imagine everyone else pales in comparison. I wish I could put Romy in my pocket. She’s my homegirl.

The practice felt amazing. It’s the right blend of spirituality and work; body worship in it’s purest form.

When I got home I weighed in and was happy to see the numbers on the scale. Down 2 more lbs. This is my lowest weight as an adult and, both physically and mentally, the best I have ever felt prior to a Thanksgiving feast.

My contribution for Thanksgiving dinner was roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower with onion, garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper. That way I knew I could fall back on that dish and load up my plate. 

My strategy was simple: you can taste everything you want, but employ some moderation kid. So, yes, I had some hummus and chips as an appetizer.. but I was careful. When it came time to sit down for dinner I filled half the plate with veggies, a quarter with white meat turkey and a very small helping of each mashed potato and corn cassarole. Yes, there was gravy involved. It was all delish. I will admit that I overate a bit, but it was still the most measured and responsible Thanksgiving dinner ever. A-hem – even including the glasses of white wine.. ;0) 

Dessert was handled with care, but you’ll have to take my word for it. There is no photographic evidence.

Please don’t mistake, I enjoyed every minute of it. I spent the day with some really amazing people – my love, my momma and my chosen family – soo delightful.

Now, the real work begins. Thanksgiving is just a precursor. An opening salvo, if you would, in this battle. There are about 5 weeks of holiday season to get through. It’s going to take some diligence, to be sure, but I really want to LOSE more weight by the time we get to 2012. 

Today I’m working and management provided pizza and salad for us for lunch – so it begins right now. But I’m sore from yoga yesterday, so that is a helpful reminder of my intentions. 

Stay thirsty for success, my friends.

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