I’d like to begin by closing the Cape May story. It’s been a million years since I’ve written, and this is a loose end that’s killing me.

We ended up hanging out with a lovely, salt-of-the-earth redneck family while we were waiting for Ms. Elle*Eye to come and meet us. We had taken another wrong turn and while we were only ten miles from our camp, they were a very annoying ten miles and it was dark. So, we waited and then Lisa who was on her way down to camp with us anyway came to pick us up and drove us to the campsites.

During the night there was a lightning storm on top of us. It was frightening, but we were not crushed by falling 80′ pine trees. We lived. Nay, we flourished.

In the morning we had breakfast at the only diner in town and mapped out the remainder of the route. We decided to deviate from the state-plotted route and divert out to Stone Harbor and ride along the sea through Wildwood to get to Cape May. It was beautiful.

When we made it to the lighthouse we were filled with pride, but depleted. We did about 120 miles or so – hard to tell exactly with the route errors that we made. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the biggest challenge I’ve ever set for myself, and I’m proud of the work that we did. And I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers, and the helpfulness of my partner during this trip. I would do this ride again, perhaps a bit differently – but there are other miles to ride and other routes to take.

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In Other News

I’ve been struggling with my weight again – with my intake and exercise and the desire to track both. I like to blame it on being crazy here at work and not making the time to take care of myself. I haven’t ridden my bike to work in over a month. This is mostly due to the time commitment that it requires and the fact that I have consistently had something to do before or after work. And if that’s not the case, I may be getting to bed too late and not waking up early enough.

Also, I’ve not eating land-meat for an undetermined period of time. This means no beef, poultry or pig. I’m okay with sea-meat for the time being. I’m doing this for a few reasons. One is that I needed to jump-start my diet a bit – shake things up and think outside of the box. Another is that I’ve been thinking about cruelty, karma and the spiritual nature of eating meat. I’m not getting into this too deeply here – just wanted to say that I’ve changed up some things that affect my intake. I’m not committing to do this for ever – just for now, just as long as I want to.

What’s next on the agenda? Well I’m going to spin class tomorrow. Hallelujah! It’s been a long, long time and I need the burn.

I’ll be back.

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