Things are gonna get weird.

And you’ll wish you had a book to prepare for what’s coming.. MUWAH-HA-HA!



I have an announcement! I am a published author of creative fictions!

This is all thanks to Elly Blue, an awesome feminist/bike activist/writer/editor/publisher extraordinaire who is the mastermind behind Everyday Bicycling and Bikeonomics. (Yes, those are Amazon affiliate links.)

The project came out of nowhere for me. I was working on a long-standing creative fiction project for NaNoWriMo when I learned of the call for submission for Bikes in Space 3: Pedal Zombies. How fun is that title?!

I decided to abandon NaNoWriMo and focus entirely on creating a short story befitting of the title of the publication. I had never written any science-fiction before – at least not since 4th grade. (Shout out to Mike Daly!)

I have written features for newspapers before, but fiction has always been that elusive first love.

The funny thing about the story I wrote for Pedal Zombies, entitled “Dead Rock Seven”, is the fact that I wrote it for about twice as long as it is published now. It turns out the first call for submission that I read I misunderstood the word count information on the submission guidelines.

Thankfully I reread this submission guidelines two days before the story was due and realized my error. I spent the last day tearing my story apart to get to the essence. The funny thing is I think even though I enjoyed the larger story when I had more space, more words available to me, I think this iteration is as it should be. I knew exactly what to cut. There could be a really interesting method for new writers. Write twice as long as the true guidelines and then cut. Cut cut cut.


Pedal Zombies is awesome. I’m almost through it at this point, and I’ve been absolutely in love with getting to know each story and each writers riff on a theme. I am proud to be included in the same collection as so many other crafty storytellers. I love it.

It totally rocks.

You’re wondering, “Cat, how can I get a hold of my own copy of Bikes in Space 3: Pedal Zombies?”

I am humbled that you asked!

There are TWO ways to get a book of your own.

1) First is to back the Kickstarter for this project. Backing for just $10 will get you a copy of the book – the book is the book itself is $10 on the shelf at Microcosm – AND you also score a bunch of stickers as a thank you.

Your support of this project on Kickstarter would mean supporting a small independent publishing house, supporting art, supporting creativity and free expression, feminism, and bicycling centric ideas for society. And of course zombies-themed literature, of which some say there is not enough in the world.

2) OR you could simply enter your email address below! <strong>I’ll be giving away THREE books over the next month for new subscribers.</strong> So just pop your email into the form below for a chance to win. Fear not, I’ll take super-good care of your info.

3) You could be a superstar supporter and do both. That’d be killer. Er, zombie-killer.

And just when you think this couldn’t get any more awesome, I’m excited to say that I will be reading at the world-famous Powell’s City of Books on Hawthorne for the 4th annual small press night in late October. Keep your eye out for the invite if you’re in the Portland area!

So what do you say? Are you not entertained?


– C

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