The dirtiest word really.

Perfection is the thing that keeps you from starting a regimen. Waiting, adjusting, planning – for things to be just right.

Perfection is the thing that paralyzes us.

I want it to be just right. I can hear criticism bellowing out in my own voice, in my head, at every thing I’m doing or not doing. Everything I’ve planned. Everything I’ve missed. Can you relate?

But the thing is, it’s never going to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. What you need to do is not give up the day. Don’t relinquish resolve because of perfection – it is an impossible thing.

So I give up. Perfect isn’t possible. What I do instead is start. Down and dirty. Learn as you go.

And that’s what I employe you to do. Just start. Anywhere you can.

If you’ve already started, keep moving.

It’ll all be just fine.

(Nobody knows what the hell is going on anyway.)


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