I’ve been hitting the gym a bunch lately, getting back into the swing of things. It’s been good – trust me.

I read this great Bob Harper tip (Jillian Michaels had re-posted it on her FB page):

Try this workout (compliments of Bob Harper). Grab a deck of cards and assign four exercises (one for each suite). Burpies for clubs, push ups for spades, squats for hearts, dumbbell rows for diamonds. Then go through the whole deck doing every card as a set of exercises. Good luck!
Well, try this workout, I did. For me, Hearts = push-ups, spades = crunches w/ 10lb medicine ball, clubs = jumping jacks, diamonds = squats w/ 10lb medicine ball! This excited me because if I’m staring down the barrell of 50+ of each of the above, it’s exhausting before I even get started! But with using the cards it was a constant shuffling (pun unintended) of calisthenics. The idea for me was to challenge myself, challenge my muscle groups that have adapted to routine, jump start my exercise regimin and get my heart rate up.
The deck also included two jokers: I chose to use the red one as a plank and the black one as a lap around the track. And let me tell you, I have never been so excited to run a lap in my LIFE. That deck-of-cards excercise KICKED MY ASS. I loved it, but two days later I am still sore as a mofo.
Here’s the really cool thing about the deck-of-cards exercise: it forced me to be really present throughout the exercise. I focused on one card at a time – and while I was really curious about what was next – I really did experience these 6 squats NOW. Then these 9 crunches NOW. Then these 10 jumping jacks NOW. I liked that, because I can easily get caught in the trap of worrying about how many are left to go and thus lose my focus on my form NOW. It was pretty fabulous, and while I will likely change out what some of the suits represent from time to time, I will most certainly add this “un-routine” to the routine.
Wanna give it a try?
What else could the suits represent to you for your workout?
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