Guess what?

I lost 4lbs! This progress puts me at 19 down and 59 to-go! I’ve also busted clear through into a new weight decade and I’m only 8lbs away from the spin shoes I promised myself.

On Sunday, I put on a t-shirt that I bought 2 years ago which I never even attempted to wear because I knew it would be waaay too snug. But yesterday, I wore it. Yeah. That’s right.

This is so exciting because I’m right around the best weight that I got down to around 2004 – which is the lowest I’ve ever been as an adult – and I’m at the point where I can buy clothing at places other than the fat girl store.

Oh, Lane Bryant – don’t worry, I still have love for you, but I’ve changed, I’ve grown.. It’s not you, it’s me.

This week I definitely worked my buns off at spin and tweaked my intake – and I believe it shows in my results.

In other semi-related news, we leave for Amsterdam in a mere 11 days! I want to lose 3-4 more before we head out. I have 4 spin classes scheduled to help me hit that goal. Clearly, maintenance (if not loss) will be important while we’re away. I’m planning on doing a travel-tips post between now and then, so stay tuned, darlings.