Lots happening.

I haven’t been blogging. It’s like life is moving too fast to post. Constantly evolving. Constantly flowing from one moment to the next.

And that’s a-ok.

I’ll just say it:

We’re moving to Portland, Oregon. We’re also engaged.

I’m also eating and drinking more than I should, and exercising less than I should.

I think the fact of the matter is that I turn to food when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. I’m not a huge fan of my cube farm job at the moment and with all the details that are surfacing around our cross-country move, I’m seeking consumption because it’s something I can control. Something that I can use to stuff down anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m onboard with this move, but we have a lot to get done, a lot of logistics to plan and it can be.. stressful. Stuffing down. That’s what it is.

The drinking is a relatively common summer thing, although I do want to drink more. Not only numbing out to the stress, the emotional craziness and job situation; but also to CELEBRATE! I mean, WE JUST GOT ENGAGED, PEOPLE! You gotta raise a glass to that.

But we all know that alcohol messes with the metabolism. That combined with extra consumption and little exercise is a recipe for the 9lb gain I’m currently experiencing.

Yeah, I’ll admit this: 200.2.

You heard me. I’m owning that right now I have inched back up and over the border of One-derland, and slipped into Deucesville. Yuck. I can feel it on my body, and I feel weaker.

Don’t get me wrong, this summer has been ACTIVE AS HELL. But I’ve really only gotten my heart rate up (in a fitness context) a handful of times over the past 6-8 weeks. Interesting to observe how this feels within my body organism.

I did go on an 18.6mi hilly ride with my girls a week and a half ago, but between then and now, only a bunch of walking, drinking, eating.

Finally today made it to spin class. Challenged myself. Digifit says I burned 669 cals in 1:04.

I’ll take that, and I’ll keep pushing. This is life. Life is for living.





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